Biogas Fuel Cell, S.A. (BFC) is a company engaged in the management and valorization of organic waste by its converting into biogas. The company offers solutions in all areas related to the agro-industrial biogas exploitation business, ranging from the viability studies to the design, construction and commissioning of production plants.

The company strategy is based on finding and implementing new technologies which help to solve the great challenges of world waste management, consisting on using the waste as a resource while minimizing its environmental impact. Thus, one of our main lines of action is the dedication of technical and economic resources for the research and development as the only way of solving the key challenges of anaerobic digestion as a technology for the waste management. Nowadays, the priority research lines in which the company is involved are:

  1. Improvement of biogas production process,
  2. Production of high added value products, such as:
  • Algal biomass
  • Biomethane
  • Organic fertilizers
  1. Renewable hydrogen and fuel cells

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