The main aim of the COFERT project is to obtain a global algae based process able to capture, sequester and recycle the CO2 from biogas plants (including those installed in Wastewater Treatment plants) and demonstrate that this technology is ready for the market. The specific objectives are:

  • To scale-up a low-cost microalgae-based biotechnology for the optimum recovery of CO2 from biogas plant
  • To use the excess oxygen produced during the process of carbon dioxide fixation for removing the H2S present in the biogas
  • To recycle the CO2 as a valuable algae biomass
  • To enable water and nutrients recycling from the digestate produced in the biogas plant as by-product to grow the algae
  • To reduce the energy consumption of the harvesting process
  • To produce a valuable slow-release bio-fertilizer from the algae biomass