The process is based on the ability of microalgae to capture CO2 via photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight in symbiosis with both a specific bacterial consortium capable of oxidizing H2S (biogas contaminant) using the photosynthetically produced O2 (BFC patented algae production system).

The carbon dioxide absorbed from biogas is then subsequently converted into biomass in the High Rate Algae Pond (HRAP), using the digestate produced as a water and nutrients source (N, K, P). The wet microalgae biomass obtained is then harvested through a patented innovative system, the coalescer, which induces autoflocculation obtaining a pre-concentrated algal slurry ready for dewatering with a sieve belt press and drying in a belt-tunnel dryer with solar heat energy input to minimize the energy requirements. After the drying process, a dried algae biomass is obtained ready to extract the high added value products out.

The process consists of the extraction of a plant hormone rich fraction from the algae biomass with the use of a green solvent and the remaining acqueous phase is collected as an enriched biofertilizer product.