Servimed Almazán, S.L. is a Spanish SME located in Almazán (Soria) that was set up with the main purpose of manufacturing organic and organo-mineral fertilizers to meet the requirements from the current market.

This manufacturing process is made exclusively from organic matter of animal origin from farming or composting plants. Once the process of compost and sieve of input material has been completed, the intermediate product is subjected to a granulation process for the preparation of a final product in pellet form. Finally, the end-product, which is an organic and organo-mineral amendment for soils, is packed in 25 kg bags or big bags from 500 kg and 1000 kg.

The company is right now operating in Spain and Portugal. Furthermore, the company Servimed Almazan, S.L. performs the marketing activities of cereals and pesticides as an additional activity.

Contact person: Antonio Gómez